Saturday, May 28, 2016

A visit to Meijer Gardens ~ 5/27/16

Being a member, I come here often and sometimes just for a place to walk. This spring has been particularly beautiful with the cherry blossoms blooming in the Japanese Garden. The cherry blossoms are now finished but there's always something else making an appearance. This afternoon I carried an umbrella as I was greeted by this sky.
But the gray clouds moved along and before I left the sun returned to really steam things up. First thing out of the building I was greeted by this row of rhododendrons, and how splendid they are.
The trees in the Japanese Garden have greened up and everywhere you look the view is spectacular,
 and reflections mirror the beauty of nature including the passing, gray skies.
Check out these two photos from 3/25/16:
And two from 4/29:
 Today rhododendrons and azaleas are starring.
Vivid color is everywhere.
How could anyone resist walking down this inviting path?
The earlier rain had driven most people away so I was lucky enough to enjoy these moments in solitude.
Iris are also taking their turn throughout the gardens.
You'll see a variety of different things in bloom each time you visit,
but the Iron Tree and American Horse will always be there for you.

  12 seconds of this cool water feature

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