Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meijer Gardens ~ 3/18/14

We finally had a day in the 40s and there's not a better place to walk and enjoy the weather than Meijer Gardens (officially known as Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park). I was a little surprised how crowded it was and then was reminded that the butterflies were blooming. Strollers and wheel chairs were making their way through to the Conservatory. I was a little dismayed for a moment but then happy I'd get to see the butterflies :-)

After about 15 minutes, I had to leave. It felt like 85 degrees
with about 80% humidity. Outside it was sweet relief with barely a soul around ~ just nature and sculptures.





The waterfall was quite stunning in its winter beauty and with water running.
                         The Japanese Garden is still coming along (opening 2015).
                                    And I got to see my first Robin of the season.
I walked the entire park and my last stop is always the small exhibit hall back inside just before the exit. It's currently showing Master Drawings & Prints by Sculptors. It didn't sound that interesting to me but ended up holding some fascinating things. (Also notable, Meijer Garden has finally allowed photos in this space but no flash or professional photographers. There was a lot of pushback during ArtPrize when this space was the only place where no photos were permitted.) Here's the Lying Man, and his precursor (sculptor is Sean Henry).
           The Neuron (with a man-at-work) and its early sketch (sculptor Roxy Paine).
                                                The rabbit people by Sophie Ryder ~
But best of all was this work by Calder, Blue Phrygian Cap, gouache on paper. There's no direct connection with any of his sculptures, but it's a dramatic piece of art.
This place is a favorite of mine, and I had a short, unhappy stint as a volunteer there but that's a whole other post. I prefer being there as a guest, not as a volunteer. Here are my previous posts from the Gardens:

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