Saturday, March 3, 2012

West Michigan Home and Garden Show, DeVos Place - 3/2/2012

This winter has been the mildest ever in my recollection, but all the same it's lovely to see and smell spring flowers. 

Extending throughout the DeVos Place exhibit halls and ballrooms, the show encompasses so much more than flowers, however, and ranges from the beautiful to the silly.
Guaranteed weight loss, the machine does it all :-)

Teddy Bears and Giant Fuzzy Suckers?

Dogs were very prevalent:  service dogs, retired greyhounds, puppies
demonstrating flooring durability, and one stuffed pooch.

A lot of bed-testing was going on and some people took advantage of this to grab a quick nap.

The widely variable exhibits covered anti-fracking (cheers!), cookware,
wall climbing, and mosquito killers.

Without interested people to speak with, vendors have long stretches of boredom.

Some miscellaneous people shots are easy to snag with some subjects unaware, some acquiescing, and others objecting a little :-)

Oddities can be found here and there: 
A steamy thingamajig

Marilyn still sells?

A Balloon Palm Tree

Golf meets Badminton

All in all, the show is interesting on many levels and you'll enjoy being entertained by 
the goods and the people. 
(Special thanks to my friend, Kathy, for being a willing model.)