Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ultimate Sport Show ~ 3/20/16

We walked into Bizarro World today when we checked out the Sport Show at DeVos Convention Center today. Holy camou overload!

We didn't know what Copenhagen was, but tobacco users were welcome (we found out ~ ugh, chewers)
Lamprey eels are gross and the state workers said they have no problem killing them :-)
The wolverine is Michigan's state animal but the only ones found in Michigan are dead (they're extinct here). No pictures of them in the taxidermy exhibit were taken (looking at all of the beautiful animals looking back at us with their dead eyes and life snuffed out is something I'd prefer to not see again.) But it was interesting to see what an industry taxidermy is, prizes and all
Lots of shopping was going on

 Looking for my next new outfit
This was a bit shocking to see ~ the racist confederate flag could be yours for $10.00
T-shirts were the king of the event, however, for us
Kathy showed her favorite :-)
This one is for our friend, Sturdy Barbie
On to the lures

  We found beer bobbers
and boats
and fishing
Crazy deer stands
and crazy signage (most of which I would not photograph)
I can't imagine venturing out into God's creation in the hopes of finding or having a hand in creating these deer heads but there you have it
This, however, was the most popular exhibit in the hall ~ 8 week old bear cubs being handled and handed over to whomever wanted to pay the price. And people were in line
I'm not sure how this is legal or ethical. The cubs were crying out the entire time we watched
We found a better site for a bear and kids
We also found this dude
And then found the perfect bike for John ~ fat wheels and a place for his fishing pole and GoPro.
Our last stop was in the wood carving exhibit and this Noah's ark was amazing, especially the skunks being towed out the back :-) Cheers to next time sport show!