Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blessing of the Horses, Roanoke Ranch in Lowell MI ~ 5/22/16

It was a beautiful day and having heard about Roanoke Ranch, we decided to visit on the Blessing of the Horses Day.
We had about 30 minutes to walk around the ranch before the horses would be back from their trail ride so we walked around the ranch to see what we could see. And it's a lovely place. Besides the horses, there are steer, sheep, ponies, and chickens. Lots going on.
It was getting close to 2pm so we headed back down to greet the horses who were coming back from the trail.
They held up at their stopping point and the ranch's awesome Board President, Mike Vanderploeg, said a few words. We then listened to the Star Spangled Banner beautifully sung acapella by Sophie Bolen,* had the blessing performed by Pastor Brady Nemmers from Keystone Community, and heard a few words from the owner of the ranch, Aaron Decker. (*Sophie Bolen starred in the 2016 movie "Rodeo Girl," much of which was filmed here at the ranch.)
There were all kinds of other things provided for kids and their families: bouncy house, games, and later horse riding. Food was also available.
But it's mostly about the horses and the relationships that develop at this ranch between horses and people (and there's always time to take a phone call).
The setting is gorgeous and it feels like a very welcoming place.
Check this place out sometime if you get a chance.

Three times the charm with the lasso :-) 

17 seconds of horse cuteness


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