Saturday, December 31, 2016

Light Dusting of Snow at Meijer Gardens ~ 12/30/16

It's peaceful and serene at Meijer Gardens in the winter and I took advantage of this with a lengthy walk throughout the park. These photos show a dusting of snow on familiar places and sculptures. Winter changes everything and it's beautiful here, even on a dark, sunless day.

Until next time...

Friday, August 12, 2016

A Short Visit to Meijer Gardens ~ 8/12/16

Hoping to beat the rain and have a quick walk around the sculpture park, I checked in but the rain came down. Thankfully, there's always something to be seen and appreciated somewhere on the grounds.
The colors and details were enough to cheer up any dark soul on this rainy day.

Here Comes the Rain (short video)

There's always beauty here, every day, every season, and I'm so grateful that there is.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Ada Township 4th of July Festivities

The first event was the pancake breakfast at the firehouse. Lines were long when we arrived shortly after 9 but the food held out. Kids have the most fun here because they get to climb all over the fire trucks.
And some kids just make themselves at home in a firetruck with a good book :-)
We finally made it in where we found a room full of people and friendly firemen cooking and serving.

Pancakes and sausages were quickly consumed and it was time to find a place to watch the parade. After the kids' bike brigade, our vets opened the parade, followed shortly by police and firetrucks.
Classic cars and a Corvette calvacade followed.
Then came the politicians, some of whom, due to their campaign parade signs, did not deserve or receive a photo.
Then some miscellany,
that included fire baton twirling and the winning parade float.
The final fire engine closed out the parade.
Everyone then either walked through the Classic Car display on the new Headley Street and/or onto the games, food, and entertainment down at Fulton and Ada Drive.
Check the links below for a complete set of photos and for a short video excerpt from the parade. Happy 4th everyone!

More photos here, particularly of the classic cars