Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hatatouille, August 2011

The Ada Village Farmers' Market held a vendor-created hat contest this summer to bring attention to the market and the products offered, and for a bit of fun.
Of the 40 or so vendors, 23 took part in the contest, most of whom are pictured here:
The contest originally was to be called "HatPrize" but the ArtPrize
people took exception. Apparently they have a lock on any name that
ends in "Prize."  So take care out there when you're naming your
contest if you want to avoid legal entanglements :(

You may be asking what the motivation might be for a vendor to take the time to
create and wear a funny hat. Other than a little publicity and fun, having next year's
vendor fee waived for the winner was good enough for the 23 participants.
The only hat-creation requirement was that it be inspired by the product(s) sold
by the vendor. Creativity ranged wildly, with one hat holding no evident
relation to its product to one that was too big to wear.

Market customers voted on August 2, and the winners were announced
the next week. Here are the honorable mentions:

Two vendors tied for second place, organics back to back:

And the grand prize went to Crane Dance Farm, whose musical, moving
hat was a runaway winner.  (The hat on the left is the El Gran Sombrero trophy :)
The market continues through September 27, on Tuesdays noon to 6:00 PM, 
and promises to return next year with great vendors and more hats!