Friday, August 27, 2010

The Beat Goes On...but not for long

In an earlier life, the store was part of a local chain of music stores called "I Believe In Music," 1970s to the late 1990s. Mario worked for the chain and when they sold this location, he bought it and gave it its Sonny & Cher inspired name. After 31 years in the music business, Mario started liquidating his inventory last December.

Walk into the store and, except for some modern day music on display, you are stepping back into the 1960s. I expected to catch a whiff of pot (not that I would know what that smells like) but was just greeted by the scent of old cigarette smoke.

Autographed pictures and record albums cover the walls. The back shelf is filled with collectible dolls, most in unopened packages; among the oldest were a Grace Kelly and a Barbie loves Sinatra. Rows of CDs fill the room along with some DVDs and a few VHS tapes and 8-tracks. Of the two large incense displays, one was empty - sold-out. People still burn that stuff?

I bought a few CDs for myself and a Grateful Dead t-shirt for my son, took a last look at a 5' round metal peace sign wrapped with lights that was leaning on a board painted with a portrait of Elvis, and wished Mario all the best.

Update 2013: The Beat is long gone as of this year and the building completely remodeled.