Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Meijer Gardens in Spring, Finding Peace ~ 5/15/18

Construction is everywhere and has now expanded into the parking lots. But after a quick walk (sometimes not so quick) you can bypass it and enter into Spring at Meijer Gardens. Pedals are everywhere, raining down on you in the wind, some already on the ground or water below, and other blossoms are still going strong.
'Colossus' has its own special background right now.
Volunteers and employees were digging up the tulips and will send them out to be mulched. Sad to see them go but their time is up (1st photo taken 5/7/18).

The Japanese Garden is beautiful in any season but it's great to see it fill out.
'Existence' sculpture group enhanced by flowers,
 'Grand Rapids Arch' in the background,
and a delicate beauty rests on a rock.
It seems like last week when I took these photos (maybe it was :-) ).
In what can be an ugly world sometimes, we need to remember to find the beauty in it. Peace & love.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

John Ball Zoo ~ 4/26/18, and a 5/3/18 update!

5/3/18: What a difference a week can make! The first surprise was that this,
is now this.
Construction and landscaping work continues but the new path was opened all the way to the tigers (and Wyatt).
The African Savannah animals were back in their habitat; Warthogs, Hornbill, Mountain Bongo, and Egyptian Goose.
The waterfall was running again and the wallabies returned from their Oklahoma winter home.
Cheers to a new season at John Ball Zoo!

4/26/18: The zoo recently re-opened for the season and today was my first visit of 2018. It was crowded with young mothers and baby carriages but I persisted nonetheless.

After the white pelican, I next found the rule-breaking duck.
Other interesting birds were observed (Crested Screamers & Flamingos),
along with a few poisonous frogs.
An otter was active as was this flying fish :-)
And I found my first blooming magnolia.
The male African lion spotted me but was totally bored by the encounter.
Wyatt, the red panda, was taking it easy but did give us all a glance. His exhibit was crowded and you can see why.
Construction is still going on in the back portion of the zoo so some animals are not currently on exhibit.
I've pulled a few of my favorite photos from last fall to also include here. Some of the animals are not around today but others are still on view.
More from Wyatt:

It's finally spring in Grand Rapids!