Friday, August 16, 2013

Grandwich 2013 with Mary Alice Walker

The final judging of the top ten finalists was held at Rosa Parks Circle today from 11-1, with popular voting available along with the professional judging. Getting there shortly after noon was a mistake because the lines were so long at each booth.

People, police, and photographers were out in force.
We also ran into our old Skywalk Deli friend and current Grandwich judge, Chris Fehsenfeld, who after winning Grandwich 2012, was tossed out of his building by the new owner to make way for a Panera :(
Today we didn't have a chance to sample the other sandwiches due to long lines but luckily enough, we previously hit on two of the top three winners.

First prize went to McKay's Downtown:  "The 'Royale with Blue Cheese' by McKay's Downtown features a locally sourced grass-fed burger and candied bacon by S&S Lamb, with a house-made bleu cheese ice cream coin, chocolate balsamic reduction, spicy micro greens, topped with shaved pickled beet relish on a brioche bun by G&A Detroit Baking Co. All the ingredients are made in Michigan." The title gives a nod to Pulp Fiction...
We weren't even aware of Mckay's that recently opened in the old 25 Kitchen + Bar space next to Van Andel, and what a great find it was. The sandwich description reads like a very weird combination but it was so delicious! All of the staff was incredibly friendly even though we just ordered our sandwiches to go.
People's Choice first prize was awarded to Grand Rapids Brewing Company, the Colt 45: "Heffron Farms short rib, house smoked bacon, cha cha sauce, sunny egg, crunchy slaw, served on a Nantucket Baking Company brewers grain bun."
Walking during our lunch hour on Wednesday we tried to find Rico's Deli, listed by mlive at the old Lyon's Den address but that was incorrect. So we walked to McFadden's, also in the top ten, but they didn't open until 4pm. Down the street was Hop Cat who had a very dessert-like "sandwich" entry that we didn't like the sound of. So our last in-distance-walking top-ten restaurant was Grand Rapids Brewing Company. And it was an excellent choice.
 The sandwich was more difficult to eat because of the egg
but the taste combination was exquisite.
If the top-ten restaurants continue to offer their 2013 Grandwich offerings,
this post will be updated with photos. But for now,
we're closing with a goofy friends photo :-)

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