Friday, August 23, 2013

Dozynki (Polish Harvest Festival) - 8/23/13

We stopped down for a few photos during lunch hour but came back after work for happy hour. This faithful audience member was still, or again, sitting in the sun supporting the musicians.
Our first objective was to obtain a beer, and in the spirit of things, it had to be Polish. When asked about the beer, we could get no information other than it was 7%, and 5 tokens. The bottle claimed to be quality, so how could we resist? I do think I got the foamy end of our split :-)
Before visiting the two food booths, we checked out the vendors, the biggest of which was this man with his historical memorabilia, stamps, cookbooks, and more. It's also a celebration of famous people with Polish heritage. Photos are difficult with the glass reflections but here they are nonetheless.
Amber jewelry (I always think Jurassic Park), Polish pottery, and the ubiquitous but creative t-shirts were represented:
Finally, on to the food. With two food vendors present, we were compelled to sample them both. The Varsovia, with food cooked by the grandmother, who apparently brought her stove & refrigerators, served up the Dressed Up Polish Boy (covered with Hunter's Stew). When asked if we could split one order, they would not give us another paper dish but did offer us a knife and an extra bag of chips. Alrighty then.

Our last stop was for Pierogis, cheese and potato, at Little Warsaw.
Last reflections on this first day of the festival:
Visit Saturday, 12-11pm, and Sunday, 12-6pm.

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