Friday, May 19, 2017

Five Miles Walked at Meijer Gardens Today ~ 5/19/17

It's been a few weeks since I've been here but I found a few tulips still blooming, these with golden ragwort,
and one hanging on with the Iris.
The tulip tree flowers were spent.
But I found these beauties still in their glory.
Some of the new, delicate flowers just called out for macro treatment.
Orange is my least favorite color but this rhododendron was striking.
But not as striking as this Horse Chestnut Tree. The blossoms are incredible!
Jack in the Pulpits and Lady Slippers have popped up.
The cherry blossoms may be gone but there are plenty of things to make up for their absence in the Japanese Garden.
All of the sculptures have already been photographed by me, many multiple times in different seasons, and today I just took details from one of them. Only frequent garden walkers will know to which it belongs :-)
You never know what you'll find ~ it's a pineapple!

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