Friday, April 19, 2013

The River is Rising and Hotels are Pumping ~ 4/19/13

Walking downtown today was a major accomplishment in itself with wind gusts estimated up to 50 mph. Several times I was almost blown completely down, saved by a lamp post grab. But the main story of the day is once again the Grand River.

The Amway Grand Hotel is sandbagging and pumping water from the hotel back into the Grand River.
 The RiverWalk now descends into Davy Jones Locker,
and the water is gaining on the jdek and the carousel.
 Crossing the bridge from the Public Museum, I met a JW Marriott employee who said they are  pumping water out of the lower level and have received about 20 fish on their loading dock. Hang on Grand Rapids...

  4-18-13 Posting - Grand Rapids is Flooding  

 4-17-13 Posting - Fish Ladder Flooded 

Black Cloud - Morrissey 


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