Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ada Redesign ~ Groundbreaking Ceremony ~ 7/15/15

Here's a link to a little background and you can research this yourself for more information but this is the nutshell:
So today was the beginning of the transformation of what might take place in a five year span. Headley Street is being moved and that is the first part of the project being undertaken. (It was hilarious to watch the News 8 reporter, Tom Hillin something, later on TV calling it "Heedley" Street - do your homework, man.)
A good-sized crowd gathered and the speakers positioned themselves on the podium. First up was George Haga, Township Supervisor. "I'm standing in the middle of what will be Headley Street."
Interestingly, he did not introduce himself as he assumed everyone knew who he was ~ and we probably all did :-) He then introduced the next speaker, Steve Van Andel. You know his connection.
who introduced April Armstrong, from the Ada Business Association.
who introduced the last speaker (yay!), Bob Kullgren, the DDA Chairperson.
A little bit of breeze continued to play havoc with the picture boards.
But they were posted throughout the area so people could get a visual understanding of what is to take place. And it looks good.
Then it was time for the groundbreaking ceremony, which was not well thought out. People with the shovels were asking "what do we do with the dirt?" "Throw it back on the dirt pile." Alrighty then.
Ok, we're done here. We're just throwing the same dirt back on the
dirt pile and not really breaking any ground.
The crowd was peppered with DeVos and Van Andel family members, Ada business owners, and Ada residents. Oh, and the adult size t-shirt give-aways were gone in 10 minutes. Not good planning but the new Ada logo is cool.
We're looking forward to good things happening in Ada and we just might end up staying here as it turns into a people friendly downtown. Now if we can only make it more diversified.

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