Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt! ~ 4/4/15

Sponsored by Coldwell Banker AJS-Schmidt Realtors and hosted by The Community, this annual event took place today on a sunny but chilly morning. The temperature didn't seem to slow anyone down.

The set-up crew placed the eggs earlier, some strewn along the ground for the little ones to find, and others placed a little higher to provide a slightly better challenge.
As guests started to arrive, they could have fun with balloon animals while waiting for the starting buzzer.
Balloon swords seem to have been the most popular. Why carry around a balloon animal when you could be carrying a balloon sword?
She cast a mighty girl shadow while waiting to hunt for eggs!
There was an opportunity to pat a bunny, and to pick a sucker from the sucker tree in hopes of winning a prize.
Bags were provided for egg collecting and everyone was invited to decorate them before heading out on the hunt.
Finally it was time to start. The first hunters consisted of those 4 years & younger, and the second group was 5 and up. Each child was limited to 10 eggs each to be sure there would be some for everyone. On your mark, get set, go!
After everyone had 10 eggs, the hunt was opened up again with the 10-egg limit lifted. It was fast and furious, and over in about 5 minutes.
No eggs were left to be seen, but sometimes one needs to take one's own path and not follow the crowd.
Time to inspect the goods!
The eggs were recycled, and the candy was eaten and/or saved for later.
In thirty minutes it was all over but the clean-up. See you next year!

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