Sunday, November 2, 2014

Meijer Gardens ~ 10/30/14

Each visit begins with a walk on the boardwalk, after a quick stop in the gallery. Today the gallery still contained the ArtPrize exhibit.
Creepy feather girl ~
But I came here for the outdoors, and Meijer Gardens rarely disappoints. They know how to do color.
Today preparations were underway for Christmas.
This item must be someone's idea of a joke because it's certainly not up to the Garden's usual standards :-)
Off on the Boardwalk.
Mansions across the lagoon that are usually hidden are slowly revealed as winter approaches.
The boardwalk offers ever-changing scenery and a tranquil place to walk. Today the leaves were evenly distributed between the trees and the water/ground.
Suddenly I heard of lot of splashing and saw this group of ducks move en masse from one end of the lagoon to another. That was a fun moment.
Past the farm, the Japanese Garden continues to develop. The 8 acre park is scheduled to open in June of 2015 and I think it's going to be magnificent. I can't wait to see the finished product.
Aria by Liberman was stunning in its surrounding fall color.
Next stop was the waterfall, and as throughout the rest of the Gardens, I was surprised how much brilliant fall color was still around.
A circle around the pond at B-Tree II brought more.
Lying Man is waiting for the Summer Season to begin, and here's a view from the stage.
Neuron looks great in any season, and American Horse was for once all alone.
A quick walk through the Children's Garden found these clever creations.
The Chief Horticulturist, Ian, is Scottish :-)
Although the butterflies are no more, the greenhouse has interesting plants and birds to see. The birds were too fast for me today but the plants posed nicely.
Here's a few photos from The Perennial Garden.

A beautiful sculpture that many people may not notice is the one under their feet, "Beneath the Leafy Crown" by Michele Oka Doner. It's a creative and unique floor that's not to be missed.
After two hours and miles walked, it was time to go. I found this last rose of summer in the parking lot. There is beauty everywhere, and especially at Meijer Gardens.


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