Sunday, June 9, 2013

BB King at Meijer Gardens - 6/3/13

We arrived just before the doors opened and had a long line in front of us.
My water bottle was confiscated because it was opened - yeah I reuse them, fyi, but our chairs passed the entry test. It's a great venue but your experience depends so much on your surrounding neighbors. People next to us and behind us were great but those in front, not so much. Constant talking & chair moving...
 The opening act, Vincent Hays Project, was great, as was BB's band.
 Finally the man himself came out, still awesome, but more on talk and less on song.
Getting out of the parking lots was a nightmare, but not as
much as it was for these folks.
Looking forward to more concerts this summer!
If you haven't already bought your tickets, you're pretty much out of luck. 
50% of them are gone to member sales before you have a chance, fyi,
and fifteen minutes into member sales, at least 3 concerts were sold out.
Not sure how that happens...

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