Monday, September 17, 2012

A Sweet Morning at Meijer Gardens - 9/15/12

School is back on, ArtPrize has not begun, and the weather was comfortable in the 70s.  All this lead to a perfect time to re-visit Meijer Gardens. Small bonus - it was also the Herb and Gourd Festival. 
I thought there would be more to it but it was just in one room and cute enough. Quickly moving on, I visited these plants that give new meaning to the word "carnivore."
The Boardwalk offers great views of the marsh along with attendant wildlife. This image looks like an post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Get your ducks in a row - 
Bold fellow 
Fred's final resting place
Thanks a lot, Andre
Way too many dogs were everywhere as Paws with a Cause had an outing here today.
Just some favorites...
Many of the sculptures I love, and to many others I'm indifferent. But they finally installed a sculpture that I absolutely detest, Jim Dine's "Large Parrot Screams Color." It does not fit into this park at all and I hope it's on temporary loan. ArtPrize could probably use it.
After several hours of walking the park, I had my fill and headed out.
Here are two previous postings from visits to Meijer Gardens:

And really? Not 15 or 20? :)

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