Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arts In Ada

Set Up
This annual event brought in around 60 exhibitors this year and as in year’s past,
live entertainment was provided throughout the day that included various musicians
and many tiny dancers.
The Ada Farmers’ Market sponsored a booth for its fundraising that featured baskets made in West Africa (Ghana). Created out of elephant grass, the baskets are colored with local dyes, and goats’ hides are used for the handles. They were the hit of the event and soon dotted the landscape, dangling from hands everywhere.
Booths lined both sides of the street and offered a very eclectic but
interesting variety of items.
Arts In Ada T-Shirts
Texting while minding the store
Walking Sticks
Money changed hands...
Plenty to see, plenty to eat, and many wonderful people to
photograph make for a good day.
What's in this bun anyway?
A Little Face-Painting Going On
An Artist with his work

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